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Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard
18125 Comus Road

Open: Year-round

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard was conceived with awareness of the unique character of the property, the quality of the soil, and with familial commitment. The double-bank red barn - built in the early 1900s - the silo and windmill are all signature landmarks of the farm. Purchased by Dan and Polly O'Donoghue in 1962, the 92-acre "Windmill Farm" has been a working farm and family retreat ever since. Owned and operated by the four children - the McGarry, McKenna and two O'Donoghue families - the transformation from a traditional farm to a vineyard broke ground in 2002. A wine making team was formed, and soon vines were planted and being nurtured. By 2005, the winery was complete and we were making our first vintages. The award-winning results are worth a taste!

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